Company policy

KOEX GROUP as a group of companies formed by KOEX DISTRIBUCIÓN INTEGRAL S.L. and ALBERPLAS IBERIA S.l. whose object is the design, manufacture and marketing of plastic and paper bags and the design and marketing of paper bags and envelopes, as well as cardboard boxes, assumes the commitment to implement and continuously improve its Management and Chain of Custody system based on the requirements of the FSC® and PEFC, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, complying with current legislation and other requirements that we subscribe to applicable to our activity.

Our main objective: all the solutions for your company.

At KOEX GROUP, all our work is always aimed at guaranteeing total customer satisfaction, providing the best and fastest service. To achieve this, we are committed to total quality in our processes, as well as a permanent respect for the environment, so that all our products comply with the strictest environmental standards.

Our company philosophy: to be more than a supplier.

Peace of mind comes from a solid foundation. And that is why, in addition to reliability and production capacity, we also offer you the best service. At KOEX GROUP we work with our customers as if we were part of their own team.

Guaranteed quality and sustainability.

We care about the quality of all our products so that the customer does not have to do so. That is why we carry out controls at the factory and we have approved our work processes to the most demanding current regulations.

We are also committed to caring for the environment with KOEX GREEN SOLUTIONS, our most sustainable range of products.

We offer a solution with a global reach.

We want to be where our customers need us, wherever they are. That is why we have an international distribution and logistics infrastructure capable of handling shipments anywhere in the world.

Commitment to respect the environment.

We are concerned with ensuring the protection of the environment and minimising waste generation, taking into account the nature, magnitude and impact of our activity, compliance with current legislation and the satisfaction of customer and company requirements related to environmental issues.

Involve all staff.

Involve all KOEX GROUP personnel in the development of the Management System and in the fulfilment of our Policy and the established objectives, at all levels of the company.

Commitment to continuous improvement.

Establish a formal commitment of the whole company and especially of its Management to achieve continuous improvement of the management system, compliance with all regulatory requirements, as well as with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the company for the mitigation of climate change due to the impact of our activities.

Commitment to respect the forest environment

KOEX GROUP declares not to be directly or indirectly involved in:

The commercialisation of illegal timber and timber or forest products.

The violation of human and traditional rights in forestry operations.

Significant conversion of forests to plantations or non-forest land uses.

The introduction of genetically modified organisms into forestry operations.

Violation of any of the ILO Core Conventions as defined in the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, 1998.

Commitment to respect social, health and safety requirements.

Not to prevent workers from associating freely, electing their representatives, or bargaining collectively with the company.

Not to employ workers under the legal minimum age of 16.

Do not prevent equal opportunities and equal treatment of workers.

Ensure that working conditions do not endanger the safety or health of workers.

All the details of the policies to be developed, objectives to be achieved, procedures to be followed and practical details are described in a clear, simple and dynamic way in the documented information of the Management System that constitutes from now on the standard that regulates all the activities of the KOEX GROUP.

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